April 10, 2008

A Special Donation...

Through the generous support of the Weyers Family Foundation of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the endowments for 20 Scholarships of Honor established in 10 states will continue to solely fund their respective scholarships. The costs to maintain the scholarships are being funded by the Weyers Family Foundation through an annual preservation pledge. This preservation pledge helps with annual maintenance costs which include: the Scholarship of Honor Medal, engraving, presentation box, shipping, framing (like the one pictured right) etc. This allows only the scholarship award money to be taken out of each trust fund annually. This is the single largest donation that Brian’s Foundation has received in its 15 year history. In addition, the Weyers Family Foundation is also the proud sponsor of the John Bradley Scholarship of Honor endowment and two annual Poland Scholarships. We can not thank the Weyers Family enough for their support in our Journey and the lives of so many others.

Pictured above: Ron and Colleen Weyers (right) with Mrs. Betty Bradley and 2007 John Bradley Scholarship of Honor recipient, Luke Justman

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