April 30, 2008

New Scholarship of Honor at West Point Academy

We are proud to announce a newly established Scholarship of Honor at the United States Military Academy at West Point. This award will pay tribute to a living Medal of Honor Recipient, Robert Foley. The first annual Robert Foley Scholarship of Honor at West Point will be presented during the Commandant’s Awards Convocation at West Point Academy on May 27th, 2008.

Photo: Nick Del Calzo

United States Army Lieutenant General Robert Foley’s bravery in combat above and beyond the call of duty while serving his country during Vietnam earned him the nation’s highest honor for valor. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on November 5, 1966.

The scholarship will recognize a West Point Cadet who has gone through difficult circumstances and overcome obstacles while a Cadet. He or she will have established themselves as a true “leader of character” excelling in all four developmental pillars-Intellectual, Military, Physical and Moral-Ethical while at the same time reflecting and epitomizing the motto of West Point – “DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.”

Why in honor of LTG Foley? And why at West Point? The week of Brian’s funeral, a letter arrived from West Point inviting Brian to consider applying to the United States Military Academy. At that time Brigadier General Robert Foley was Commandant of Cadets. It is easy to see how in General Foley’s life he also made his journey the reward through his commitment to his country, family, the Academy, and accomplishments along the way.

April 10, 2008

A Special Donation...

Through the generous support of the Weyers Family Foundation of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the endowments for 20 Scholarships of Honor established in 10 states will continue to solely fund their respective scholarships. The costs to maintain the scholarships are being funded by the Weyers Family Foundation through an annual preservation pledge. This preservation pledge helps with annual maintenance costs which include: the Scholarship of Honor Medal, engraving, presentation box, shipping, framing (like the one pictured right) etc. This allows only the scholarship award money to be taken out of each trust fund annually. This is the single largest donation that Brian’s Foundation has received in its 15 year history. In addition, the Weyers Family Foundation is also the proud sponsor of the John Bradley Scholarship of Honor endowment and two annual Poland Scholarships. We can not thank the Weyers Family enough for their support in our Journey and the lives of so many others.

Pictured above: Ron and Colleen Weyers (right) with Mrs. Betty Bradley and 2007 John Bradley Scholarship of Honor recipient, Luke Justman

Brett Favre Autograph Packers Helmet

A special thanks to Ed Martin of HJ Martin and Sons, Inc. in Green Bay for the donation an official Green Bay Packers Helmet signed by Brett Favre, which includes special details on his 3x MVP record, total passing yards and touchdowns make it extra special. We can see why one just like this was recently auctioned at a Notre Dame Fundraiser event for $4000. Martin proudly serves on the Green Bay Packers Executive Committee.