July 27, 2015

Prevea 5k on September 19th benefiting the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation!

Have you ever wanted to run on an airport runway? You now have a chance! The second annual Prevea 5K run/walk will take place on Saturday, September 19, 2015 at Austin-Straubel International Airport in Green Bay. 

Thanks to Jet Air Group, Brian's Foundation is one of the beneficiaries of the race! Sign up to run or volunteer here.  http://www.5kgrb.com. Please save the date and share with others!
Reasons to sign up now:Run on an airport runway!
  • Party in a 40,000 square foot airplane hangar!
  • Every participant receives a commemorative shirt and winged pin!
  • Enjoy free food and beverages!
  • Listen to live musical entertainment!
  • Meet a Packer's legend and get their autograph!
  • **Support our youth and the mission of the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation!

A reflection from Brian's cousin and Foundation Board member, Jen Mulhall

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." -John F. Kennedy

During my last year of pharmacy school, I rotated through various pharmacy practice settings. One of my supervisors would often ask me at the end of the workday: "Tell me about a difference you made today." I have to admit that there were days I struggled to come up with something. I felt it was difficult to have much of an impact on someone's life while working in a very busy pharmacy.

Looking back, I admire his efforts in trying to reflect on the day in a positive way. We all have things that go wrong during the day. If we make an effort to think about a difference we made in someone's life, it helps to put those bad things in the background, and focus on the good. It doesn't have to be at work - it might be helping an elderly person in the grocery story, walking the neighbor's dog, or reading to a child.

I think my cousin Brian was very good at focusing on the positive, and as a result, was so likable. I wanted to be just like him! He was popular, good at sports, and really smart – yet I don't recall him ever being arrogant about those things. He wouldn't put someone down – on the contrary – he would build others up, support them, and help them become better.

If asked to talk about a difference he made in someone's life, I think Brian would have been able to describe occasions where he did just that on a daily basis. For a young person, that is remarkable. If we look over the past 22 years since his passing, the even more remarkable thing is that he continues to make a difference. Renee, Doug and Kim have taken Brian's positive ideals and spirit, and through the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation, pass those values along to graduating seniors who aim to make the world a better place.

I'm proud to be a part of the Foundation board. I would like to challenge you all to think about a difference you have made today, and to continue to support the Foundation, to help these extraordinary scholarship recipients make a difference in their careers. -Jen Mulhall

July 3, 2015

The first shots were fired in the Battle of Gettysburg on this signifiant day in history, July 1st 1863.  On the anniversary of this historic day, we are proud to present to you "Gettysburg-The Scholarship of Honor Story" through the eyes and reflection of James McEachin, a decorated Korean War soldier as he walks on Gettysburg's hollowed grounds.

We are forever grateful to the sponsors of this film, Lee and Kathy Anderson.

"We're proud to support the Brian LaViolette Foundation in creating the Gettysburg Scholarship of Honor story on this DVD.  We feel it is so important to share this incredible story that honors all who have served this country in uniform to protect the very freedoms we enjoy.

We would like to dedicate our contribution in memory and in honor of Sgt. Ralph F. Storm, WWII 92 Fighter Squadron, 81 Fighter Group and Captain Lance P. Sijan, Medal of Honor Recipient, U.S. Air Force, Vietnam, and as a special thank you to U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Adam J. Sherwood, for your continuing service ...WE WILL NEVER FORGET"
                                                                            Kathy and Lee Anderson Anderson

There is a more expanded version of the DVD available through the Foundation featuring interviews with Medal of Honor Recipient, Sal Giunta and George Patton Waters- General Patton's Grandson, as well as the full length documentary, "Return to Pilsen: Sharing an American Story".  For more details, please contact us by replying to this email or calling Kim LaViolette at 828-242-3790.