November 20, 2009

Save the Date for 11.11.11

We pull through challenging times by pulling together. That is the foundation of this great country and we’d like to invite you to join us on 11.11.11 for a historic occasion as we celebrate “What’s Right With America.” We will salute the extraordinary people who believe that “The Journey is the Reward.”

We can’t think of a better way to honor Brian’s memory than to recognize those who follow in his footsteps and continue to make a difference. The evening will feature several guests of honor and special entertainment.

The Brian LaViolette Foundation thinks it is only fitting that we take an evening to celebrate those who make this country great!

November 2, 2009

A Journey without Borders-Poland Scholarships presented October 31, 2009

Brian's Foundation teamed up with the Nidzica Community Foundation in Nidzica, Poland in 2003 and now awards seven scholarships annually.

Thanks to sponsors: Bob Nueske Family, Casey Cuene Family, Dr. Michael Smullen Family, the Weyers Family Foundation and the Brian LaViolette Foundation, seven students receive a life changing scholarship.

Pictured here are: Halina Pyszko (a member of the Board of the Nidzica Community Foundation), Andrzej Zawieska, Renata Bruzdziak, Aneta Rudzinska, Szymon Kowalski, Marta Jablonowska, Alicja Suberlak, Tadeusz Miecznikowski (the President of the Co-operative Bank in Nidzica, member of the Board of the Nidzica Community Foundation), Barbara Margol (The President of the Nidzica CF ). Sylwia Lubian and Renata Adaszynska could not attend the ceremony.